Can Outlook 2013/2016 uses 2 steps verification?

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I have enabled my Office 365 email account to use 2 steps verification, but after that, it only works for webmail, I tried many time to input email password when I set up Outlook 2016 or 2013 email profile to connect Exchange Online, what I can do is to use "app password", a long code.


I wonder if there any settings that I can use to enable Outlook 2013/2016 to use 2 steps verification.


BTW, if email policy to force to change email password after 90 days, will this apply to app password? or both?


Can someone help? Many thanks.



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Yes, both versions support it. For 2013 you need to enable it via reg key though, and you might as well check the value of said key for 2016:

Make sure you have the latest updates too.

App password do not expire, and you should avoid using them where possible.
Thanks Vasil Michev,

I will take a look on above instruction

One more thing, if i enable two-steps verification on Outlook, what if I lost my smartphone or in case my smartphone out of order, will the system provides alternative solutions?

Otherwise, I will be stuck when I access my emails from Outlook.

Yes, there are alternative methods available and an admin can always reset your MFA status.
Thanks Vasil