Can not sign in to Hotmail accounts

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Forgive me if I seem thick but I am 78yrs old and a techno thicky. For the last few months I have been using a PC with Windows XP, Mozilla Firefox as a browser, without issue. There are three Hotmail accounts using the PC, mine, my wife's and my son. A few days ago I found none of the accounts could be opned on the PC. We would log in and the 'envelope' on screen would keep opening until the following message popped up: UTC Date: 2022-04-28T12:08:56.700Z Client Id: 48A1B049500043159C907FB7263F2127 Session Id: 76ade85d-c3cc-4e44-8e44-f94ae0bd3951 Client Version: 20220408004.13 BootResult: cdnError Failed resource: err: Error: Failed to load javascript. esrc: Script et: ClientError estack: onLoadFailed@ importModule/this.promise
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Hi, you can try to add these mail accounts to the Mail app for Windows10 - this will provide the correct credentials, I understood that you want to access through a browser, but you can synchronize through the application (of course if you know the password)

@A1 thank you for your prompt response but I am running on WindowsXP

 I did mention I am a techno thicky. Thank you.. Neil