Can I easily extract email addresses from a large group of emails?

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I am a brand-new user of this forum - please be kind.


I set up a folder in Outlook to house emails from a very specific K-12 group (a community chat where all communications are sent/received as an email). My original intent was to pull the names and email addresses from these emails to build a database for communication geared toward this group. Fast forward to today, there are 100's of emails in this folder and I never started the project.


Is there an easier way to pull this information than opening up each email to copy and paste the info I need?

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Hi Jenna,

The Outlook Desktop app does not have a built-in feature to achieve this. You possibly will have to use Power Automate or a third-party solution.

Also be aware that Microsoft 365 does not support bulk e-mailing. In this case, I recommend using email delivery service such as Mailgun, MailChimp, etc.

If the data you need is exposed in some of the default "fields" supported by Outlook, you can simply copy/paste it to Excel or similar. To do so, select the folder where the messages are located and make sure to adjust the set of fields (columns) to match your needs. You can right-click on a column name and select Field chooser to add additional ones. Once you are satisfied with the set of fields, press CTRL+A to select all messages (or manually select the ones you care about), then CTRL+C to copy the metadata. Switch to Excel, CTRL+V to paste it, or use the Import wizard.

If the relevant data is held within the body of the messages, you will have to use a programmatic solution instead. The usual choice would be the EWS API, and if you are using Exchange Online, you can also leverage the Graph API.