Can anyone help getting a .pst file into my new email address

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Sorry in advance if posted in wrong place , not that tech savvy.

I have had to get a new email address as my old one was recently compromised.

My file from Microsoft is ready to be put in but I am unable to do it.

Can someone please explain to me the easiest way to get this file into my new email address ?

I have tried following the tutorials on the web but with no success.

It seems my outlook email home screen is different to theirs so I have a different starting point altogether or maybe I am just to stupid to understand how to do it.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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Hi @Mickyb181 

connect outlook to old account and let it download all files. then export to PST file.

Connect outlook to the new Account and import the Old PST file.



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Thank you very much for your reply.
Unfortunately question has not been answered.
I simply do not have the required icons on my outlook home screen to do what is required.
I have tried following tutorials from the internet but they all start from a different home screen to what I currently have so cannot be done.
I have received my .pst file from microsoft but when I try to put it into my new email address it will only accept .csv files and there is nothing to say "import".
I have deleted outlook from laptop and downloaded from Microsoft website but just keep getting the same version as I previously had.
Thank you for your response but it has not solved my problem.