Calendars of multiple accounts in Outlook scheduling assistant possible?

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An employee has two accounts for two employers.

1. Can the employee change the settings so that colleagues of both companies can view his calendar?

2. Can he use the scheduling assistant? Is it possible to have the scheduling assistant take into account both calendars?

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1) Generally speaking yes, but it depends on what exactly you mean by "both companies" - if those are two different tenants, some admin configuration is needed

2) Yes, as long as they add both his accounts to the request (they can remove the "unneeded" one later)

@Vasil Michev, thank you for your answer.


1. Yes, two accounts on two different tenants. Could you point me to more info on changing those settings?

2. Fair enough you'd have to add both accounts for them to appear in the scheduling assistant. I fear this will be confusing for some as not all employees are very digi-literate, and not everybody is aware of who has second accounts.

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Basically you need to use one of the methods here to configure calendar sharing between the two orgs:

Then just add both his accounts as participants, and you should be able to see availability.

@Vasil Michev 

That looks promising. I'll explore this further.
Thank you for your help!

is there a way to have multiple calendars in one outlook act  pull to the scheduling assistant? I use separate calendars for separate projects yet my scheduling assistant will only show others events on my main account. I appreciate any assistance. @Vasil Michev