Calendar public places location suggestions (in OWA)

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Is there a way to change the Bing public places location suggestions to Google Maps?

I find that Bing is absolutely terrible and cannot find many local places which Google Maps can.


If there is no such option, then I'd love to develop an add-in for it, but I cannot find any mention in the add-in SDK whether it is possible to hook into that functionality and provide results from elsewhere.


I would appreciate your help on this!

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Hi @mikevm,


I am an independent advisor investigating this inquiry. I can address the first part.


Bing uses the Geocoordinates from Bing Maps and does not support other providers. 


I found an article that covers finding geocoordinates for the location with Google Maps.  It is an extra step to find and post the coordinates in Outlook. 


Populating Data for the Outlook Places Service (


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