Calendar not scrolling in Board view

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I have set up Board in Outlook as I find this useful. However, I find that the calendars do not scroll. Every time I scroll down the calendar jumps back up to the top, it is really frustrating. I have tried this on multiple browsers with the same result. Does anyone else have this issue or know how to solve it?

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Hi @DNaughton,


I use the Calendar board as well. Really like it.


I was unable to reproduce your issue. I completed the following test without any problem.

  • reduced and increased the screen size
  • locked and unlocked the canvas
  • Scrolled using the mouse and arrow keys

I found some documentation stating that some users had issues when using touch screens and pads. The MS Agent indicated that there may be a hardware compatibility issue.  If you are not using the mouse to scroll, try updating your drivers.


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