Calendar invitations sent to my O365 email address go to Gmail instead


When people send me calendar invites from Google Calendar they don't arrive in my Outlook O365 inbox, but instead go to my Gmail address and appear in my Google Calendar. I don't actually use either. This is despite the fact I have never given my Gmail address to the people sending the invitation. Has anyone else experienced this and how do I stop it?

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Hi @Stuart Bruce - did you previously have a custom domain set up with a Google business account that you have since switched to Office 365? We have a similar issue that I am trying to resolve.

@Scott Fouts No I've never used a Google business account. When I search for help the only references I can find are from people in that scenario.


My 'workaround' is to set up a Gmail rule to forward emails from people I know use Google Calendar for invites. It's not perfect as you need to know you are meant to receive an invite. I've missed meetings because I've discussed tentative dates with someone then they've sent an invite I never see.

I have same problem with one colleague. He deleted my gmail address from his contacts but his invites to my office 365 account go to my gmail account

@Scott Fouts  This is the scenario I have.


Used to have a gsuite account, now over at O365.

calendars still go to an old gmail address.


I have just cancelled the gsuite supsciption that was running in parrallel for about 12 monthes, which nothing should have been connected too but the calendar invites kept going to a differnt gmail address and some random emails still turned up in some of the inboxes.

@Brendon4444 - it is frustrating that this continues to be an intermittent issue only when a Google Calendar invite is sent to the user. Some code deep inside Google has a flaw that no one seems able to figure out and provide a workable solution. Microsoft claims it is not their issue, and I have never received any support from Google. If you ever find a solution, please come back and let us know.

I had the same issue. With the help of the O365 support I discovered that my private gmail account had here: a list of alternate emails for me. One of them was my pro O365 email.
As a result if someone FROM a google account sent me invites to my O365 email, Google would ask her if she wanted to send it to my gmail account instead, in a convoluted question.
That is how the invite was sent directly from her gmail account yo my private gmail one, although she originally asked to send it to my O365 pro one.
Hope this helps others.

The invites sent to my work account started being redirected to my gmail account recently when I added my work account as an alternate email/recovery email. Remove the work account as an alternate email solved the problem (tested).