Calendar Categories for Outlook 365 for MAC

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I have just switched from a surface pro to a MacBook Pro and have a subscription to Microsoft Office 365.  I have downloaded MS Office and all is working well except the category function in the Outlook calendar.  I am a heavy user of colour coding my meetings and appointments by client and my work/personal. When I go into the Calendar preferences I get all the preference boxes up and can access and make changes in all BUT the Categories preference.  As soon as I click on the Categories preference it acts as though the preference come up but nothing comes up.  I then have to quit Outlook to be able to access the preference menu again. I have also tried on my husband's computer, different MS Office subscription and have the same issue.  I really want to get the categories/colours working.  

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Hi @LizettePB ,


By any chance, do you have Legacy (old) interface or new interface?


See be below how they look like. Try switching to the New if you have old Legacy. 






@Adin_Calkic I have the new.  

Hi @Adin_Calkic

Thank you for your question. I have the new. You photos were helpful to determine. Any thoughts?

Hi @LizettePB ,


you are welcome. So basically you can't load/see Categories at all, correct? 



Have you tried to check for Outlook updates? It is silly, but open Word or Excel, click on Help and click on Check for Updates.



When you said you tried to Quit the Outlook, have you tried to Force Quit or just Quit? Try Force quit. 









Did you get it to work? I can't do without categories (using the latest Outlook 365 for Mac). I can at least reach the list, but can't rename them or set as favorites, which is very frustrating. Just went from the web version of Outlook to the app version, and the app version is lacking a lot of the functionality I depend on for some reason!

Tried to use categories in Outlook Mac (new interface) but categories were completely missing when creating a new appointment. Only after switching back to the legacy interface were the categories back. But when editing the categories list you must select an account but this apparently doesn't work with the categories of a shared mailboxes. Editing the categories only works correctly in Outlook for Windows or Outlook for the Web.