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I've been trying to add a calendar on outlook web for one of our users & getting "Calendar already exists" Error. It's not on the list of calendars/remove calendar list


have tried removing users permission to the sahred mailbox & re-adding after 24 hours, however the issue still remains


It works fine on outlook app. I have also tried this with a second user but getting the same error


I can add it to the admin outlook web. it's just the users that are affected


has anyone come across this issue & managed to fix it? 


Any help will be appreciated 



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I'm having the same problem. I can add most people, but not one co-worker. I get the "This calendar already exists" message, but the calendar is clearly not there. It's not in the "Edit my calendars" section either.

@lissa2882 Afternoon :)


I removed all of the Calendars listed in "Other Calendar's" and "People's Calendars" and tried again and it worked for Me.