Bug in Outlook *Mobile* app - Settings button invisible in landscape mode

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I'm posting this bug report about Outlook mobile app, not knowing if anyone from Microsoft is reading it ....


I have a tablet.  So when I open Outlook mobile app in it, sometimes it's in landscape mode and sometimes in portrait mode.  I found that in landscape mode, the Settings button is invisible (absent).  In portrait mode, it is OK and it IS there.

Here are the screenshots:





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Best report this via the in-app support experience. Help button > Contact Outlook Mobile Support.

@Vasil Michev 

I was there already but nobody replied me, so I left because I need to write emails.
I just reopen it again and found that someone replied me 12 minutes after I opened the conversation!

Well, let me try again...

Let's have a laugh at how bad Microsoft support service can be.


Look at the time.  3 hours after I "restarted" the conversation, there's still nobody to take care of the "in-app ticket".

When I'm writing this post, that is the next day, there is still nobody!

If I'm the boss, I would fire that Ivan!

For those who are in the same case or interested:

it turns out that the problem happens with two conditions:

1. There are more than one accounts connected.

2. Outlook app is in portrait mode and then turned into landscape mode.