Bug in Outlook mobile app (Android). How to report?

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There's a bug in Outlook mobile app for Android.  Please tell me how to report the bug.



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Hi @tfseak - You might want to open an in-app ticket using the steps provided in the below article.







I went into the FAQ area, and this is what I got :outlook-faq.png

The problem in this message is that it talks about "Microsoft 365 app", not mobile app.


And when I "select my profile picture in the top left”, there is NO “Send Feedback”.  Nevertheless, I tab on the “circled question mark” and there I found a “Send feedback”.  I have sent a feedback but visibly, it’s a “one way” message without return.  So I’m not sure my voice is heard.



You can mention it here or to the main Microsoft forums website.

Yes, I have already posted it here at

Could you give me the "main Microsoft forums website" please? There are so many Microsoft forums. Very confusing.

Hi @tfseak - I believe you looked in the wrong place. From the Outlook for mobile app, go to Help & Feedback > Contact Outlook Mobile Support  and navigate the options to create an in-app ticket.





That was your article telling so.  The FAQ.


I was there (Contact Outlook Mobile Support) already but nobody replied me, so I left because I need to write emails.
I just reopen it again and found that someone replied me 12 minutes after I opened the conversation!

Well, let me try again...


Let's have a laugh at how bad Microsoft support service can be.



Look at the time. 3 hours after I "restarted" the conversation, there's still nobody to take care of the "in-app ticket".

When I'm writing this post, that is the next day, there is still nobody!

If I'm the boss, I would fire that Ivan!

@tfseak LOL! Now that's something which is not in my control :lol: Nevertheless, I wish you good luck and hope you are able to get this out to the right team.






I got a message from Ivan on the 29th Jan at 12pm!  LOL



I'm definitely seeing some issues in Outlook for Android (though the screens described for reporting, are nothing like what's on my phone):

For starters, if you click on junk mail and select "Report Junk" and "Block sender", the next day you'll have 10 new EMAILs fom the same guy in your inbox (same EMAIL address).


The next issue is, I have AT&T EMAIL (sadly), and their horribly flawed system/algorithm sends MANY of my mission critical EMAILs into a folder called "Spam". This folder is COMPLETELY invisible to Outlook! Meaning the only way you can ever get those EMAILs back (assuming you know they're there) is to go into Webmail, and look for the Spam folder there. This is a 2nd hugh gaping flaw in Outlook!!  ..there are probably more.