BUG? Can't select 11 or 12 when creating a calendar item in Outlook on the Web from a phone.

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We noticed today that if I go to outlook.office.com from my phone (Android - GS9+), and I then go to the Calendar area to create an event, I cannot choose 11 or 12 for the start time of the event.  I can scroll up and down to select everything 1-10 but it won't scroll far enough for me to get 11 or 12 in the middle and tapping them also doesn't work.  We had two people test this and neither one could get it to work.


I also can't set the month and choose 11 or 12 or set the date and choose the last two days of the month.  It only scrolls up high enough to show 2 empty boxes below the numbers which isn't far enough for me to select them.


I found that if I turn my phone sideways, it then does let me scroll because the screen is smaller, but then if I turn it vertical, I can't change the hours of the meeting any more.  Maybe if my phone screen was smaller it would let me pick those other options but it doesn't work the way it is now.


Can anyone else confirm that this is a problem and we can hopefully get someone from Microsoft to fix it?





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