Bring back the old outlook please

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Is there a problem with going back to the old outlook with regard to intergration with other programs. New Outlook is devoid of many features of the old one becasue the new features shows a lack of dependence on outlook that the other platforms or dare I say in addition to the platforms available to people. My only complaint about the old outlook we it didnt sync all emails into one feed as I have several. 

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I do not completely understand your message but I also have issues with the new outlook desktop version. That is why I add my comment to yours. My main concern is that in the new Outlook I do not seem to be able to promote the inboxes and sent items of my shared mailboxes to my favorites to quickly follow new messages. As I work for about 80 % of my time in different shared mailboxes , this is really an issue. I cannot effectively follow new messages. The shared mailboxes are mailboxes we use to work together with different people in the same team (and no Teams is not an option) (e.g. in the shared mailbox of our purchase department we collect all internal and external communication (with suppliers and our internal clients). What is the solution of Microsoft on this matter?