Boards have disappeared for the latest version of Outlook Preview

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I've been running the Outlook Preview for a while and loved the ability to create free-style 'Boards'. But when I updated yesterday, the board disappeared. Any idea why?  I can't see the board I created and can't create new ones.

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I noticed this yesterday and found that Boards are being retired/ Boards will be retired from Online by June 26, 2023, guessing they pulled it out of new Outlook to avoid more iritation from users.

@jbucarion Damm, its really bad decision. I was love using it!

I am still able to see board option in online version but It got removed from app version. 


@devBarry  For online version you can navigate to -> Calender -> View

Here you can see your board.

I am guessing they removed from new Outlook as they are in preview and dont want feature confusion, but online will be gone by 6/26.

I liked the boards as I prefer my calendar to show the next 7 days, and new Outlook does not support that.
The only thing that is confusing is that they removed it haha, I was using it every day, helped me connect things that are to this day separated between platforms ;(
Terrible "update" loved the board, used it daily, made a lot of things easier on my end.
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Definitely disappointing. I truly liked this feature. There should have at least been an update.

I went though the hassle of setting my board up the exact way I found it most useful. I hated the new outlook UNTIL I tried the Board feature. It's like Microsoft doesn't care anything about actual usability in their programs. So frustrating that we HAVE to use these sub par programs!
Ah yes.. the classic give a really good feature, then take it away as people find your program to actually be usable. Big brain thinkers over here at Microsoft, I'm telling you.
I even went through the hassle of getting the web app version of Outlook to use as it still had the Board feature. So much jumping through hoops for nothing. :)
This is so disappointing! I use board view every day and there is no other way to see everything on one page!

@shubhgupta - I also use mine daily to keep organized.  It helps greatly with ADHD people.  I access mine online.  Fingers crossed they at least leave that option for those of us dependent on that tool.  It would save time to not have to find another tool to do what it already is doing for us.

@Xx_EJ_xX - This isn't the correct place for that. This is a technical discussion about a specific feature in Outlook.

For your issue please reach out to Microsoft customer support directly.

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The latest version actually does! Under "Day" view in the Calendar tab there's now a dropdown, of which you can pick the next 7 days :)
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To All in this post:


I received a warning message today from Microsoft of the early retirement of the Calendar Board. I sure don't want to see this feature to go away.


With hope we can influence change, I have given MS feedback. PLEASE VOTE and share how you use this feature. 


Click here: OWA: Outlook Calendar Board · Community (




My fingers are crossed. 🤞🏾



I voted and put my two cents in! If you guys can find a similar program that can do what Board view does, please let me know! Especially if it is open source! I will do the same!
That must have just been added recently. Yeah. I wish they would give us a list of features/changes when they release updates so we don't have to keep poking around to see what changed.

@jbucarion @Daphoid 


The Calendar Board was released two years ago for OWA.  It was my first YouTube video. :cryingwithlaughter: I have been using this feature since day one.

BTW: If you are interested in New Outlook features demo, check out these videos. I will continue to create more videos on this topic as new features are rolled out. 

My favorite line is, "So Stay Connected!:stareyes:


I did not see it in the new Outlook. Do I think it's gone, gone. You can still download the data from boards in the settings.
(online) settings > privacy and data > Board