Blocking junk emails when senders email address is spoofed and hidden (mobile app)

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Hey all,


Recently I’ve been receiving a gargantuan amount of junk mail into my focused inbox in the Outlook app for IOS. 

I’ve been attempting to block the emails and I also report them as junk, but they continue to come through. 

The issue is that the email addresses are spoofed by the sender and there is no way to actually view the senders email. Is there a way to view the unspoofed email address, to then add it to a permanent block list. 

While I’m using the IOS app, this is persistent on both the desktop and mobile websites. 


Original email in inbox 



tapping on contact details (my email is redacted). No email address shown. 


tapping on contact details (again no email address shown):



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I’m replying to myself here because I have figured it out (in case others are interested) 


Note, this can only be done on desktop.


1. Go to the outlook website and sign in.


2. Open the junk e-mail.


3. Click on the three dots in the top right hand corner of the message.


4. Hover over ‘View’.


5. Click ‘View message source’


6. A lot of funky code will show up… you can either scroll around to try and find the ‘from’ field, or an easier way is to double click the code and copy all the text to a notepad or word document (be careful not to click any links). Then use the search functionality (ctrl + f) to find ‘from:’


That should show you the junk senders actual address which you can then block permanently with a rule!