Birthday vouchers - not receiving through outlook

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Hi there,

I have a bit of a weird thing happening where all my birthday vouchers that different companies send me on my birthday is no longer being emailed to me. This is the 2nd year this happens. At first I thought maybe it was a glitch in the company's system and after following up with them they said they had sent me my birthday voucher and it could be in junk (Which it was not). Soon I realised everyone I contacted said the same thing, it had been sent out by their system but for some reason I'm not receiving the email. The strange thing is that I'm receiving all types of marketing from those companies, it's only when it comes to them sending me birthday vouchers I don't receive it. Anyone know any reasons why? They're not in my blocked senders list, I definitely think it has something to do with my outlook, just can't figure out what.  

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