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I am in an email group with multiple others from my job and we deal with external emails all day every day. I am looking for a way to mark email threads as "complete" or "done" in a way that my entire work group can see that a thread has been completed. 


More Explanation: We receive hundreds of emails a day and manage to keep relevant emails and replies in the same thread with the same Subject Line. This allows for us to view them under the conversations tab or unread mail tab with all of the being contained in the same thread. When the requested information or task from the original email is completed, however, there is no way to notify others in my work email group that it has been completed, other than to send another email. On the other side, there is no way to know if a task has been completed by someone else without tracking through the whole thread and reading each email. I know that flags and complete marks can be applied to my individual inbox, but they are not visible to anyone else in my group. Is there a way to mark a thread or conversation as "complete" where my entire email group can see that in the thread? Any help, even if to inform me that this feature does not exist, or if add-ins can work for this, would be greatly appreciated.

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I am not sure if you are using Outlook Exchange or Web.  I am also assuming you and your team are responding to emails from a Shared Inbox. 


Outlook Exchange:

  • Try creating and applying a "Category: Complete" to an email thread.  Everyone will see the Category name in white but the category colors are set per user.  
  • I also found an article, Keep categories while replying/forwarding, but it requires changes to the Registry.  So forward this article to your IT team.  

By the way, you provided great details.  


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Thank you for your advice. I had already attempted this, but it appears to only work if you are using a shared inbox, like you mentioned. We do not use one, our work group email works like this - everyone's email address is included under an acronym for our department that automatically sends emails addressed to that acronym to every member listed under the group. So, I'm not sure if there is a method to do what I am wanting since everyone has their own individual inbox, and everyone in my group receives a separate but exact copy of any email sent to our work group acronym.