Best way to create a "shared calendar plan"

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My apologies for the poorly worded subject title, in lack of better ideas, but here's what I want to do:


I want to create a calendar for our business which keeps a central overview of a set of tasks repeating annually, semi-annually or similar throughout each year. 


  • A central place to manage and assign important recurring events (plan outline).
  • The calendar owner should be our business, and not any individual user, so that it'll survive even if a person quits.
  • I'd like to grant myself and several of my colleagues rights to both access and edit the calendar.
  • I'd like to invite/assign the calendar events to responsible persons within my company (and perhaps in some cases also to an external contact person).
  • Each event will probably last 1-5 days (for the most part at least).
  • If possible, it'd be great to be able to zoom out to view everything in a schedule view (similiar to the planning assistant, but showing at weekly/quarterly or even yearly intervals to get a feel of work pressure and capacity for each individual).


Don't know what to use. Team Calendar, Group Calendar, Resource Calendar, or something else entirely (Microsoft Project?)? Any advice on how to proceed would be very much appreciated.

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@Tormod Solem Slupphaug Hello, well it sure sounds as if you'd benefit by using a M365 group with the shared calendar, and maybe depending how you'd like to use it add the Teams interface. Or you could just create a Team (always underlying M365 group) and add a tab with a https:// link to a shared mailbox calendar if you'd like to separate the Team and the calendar.