Avoid mistake sending to similar recipients

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I have several Outlook contacts with similar or even the same names (but of course different e-mails). Occasionally mails are sent to the wrong person because of this. Is there any way in Outlook to help me avoiding such mistakes? For example, make my own alternative names or labels that would show up as I prepare sending the e-mails?

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You can create a contact and name it as you like.
Thanks, I have created the individuals with these similar or same names as contacts. In the contact window I can change the "Full Name" to a nickname or something else for distinction, and this works. However, I wonder if this nickname shows up in his inbox, or with others who may be receiving mail from me to him and others - something I may not necessarily want.
Another alternative I found is to put the person's photo or some other graphics into the "Picture" field, and this shows up prominently as I prepare the message to be sent. I will use that for now, but any further comments are welcome.