Automatically delete email permanently

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I'm using OWA for my personal email and have something I'd like to resolve.


I foolishly opted into a mailing list for which the unsubscribe link does not work. As in, every day I press the 'Unsubscribe' button in the bottom of the email and STILL receive the email the next day.


I'm not really satisfied with the type of rule that will "delete a message" (condition --> Delete action) as that just sends the emails to my "Deleted Items" folder where I still need to delete them manually.


Another thing I just tried was to create a 'Redirect' rule which would "redirect the message to" but that didn't keep the email from reaching my folder.


Does anyone know of a rule or combination of rules I could set up so that I never see these emails since I don't think I'll have any luck unsubscribing? Unfortunately, I don't know if I have the ability to write/use a macro in OWA but am willing to look around or even use different browsers or even dekstop Outlook if necessary.




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Simply add it to the blocked sender's list?