Automatically change FROM address based on subject line

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I work on a team that uses our distro group as the FROM address line under certain scenarios. 

We send these emails out that always start with "Social Media Escalation - " followed by some other text that describes that unique situation. 


In these situations, we have a list of contacts in SharePoint that I've created a mailto link for that provides the proper contact and pre-populates the "Social Media Escalation - " subject line.

I would like to know if there's a way that the FROM address changes automatically when the "Social Media Escalation - " subject line is being used. I'm never changed the FROM address field at any of my previous jobs so I don't know if the "Justification Required" is a default dialog box or something my company has done specifically but it's important to note that I have to select from three different options when it appears. We use "Previous label no longer applies" option when this prompt comes up (See screenshots for more details).

I doubt there's a way to incorporate that in a mailto link but I'm very open to some trick that works. I don't know much about using VBA in Outlook but willing to do that as well. 

I'm pretty familiar with Power Automate but do not want to use that as a solution if possible. My assumption is if there is a way to do this, it's likely using Outlook VBA. Does anyone have any ideas or tricks they can share?

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