Automatic Replies in Outlook - Insert Image n/a - PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!

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We use O365 for our business needs and recently came to learn that the insert image function is no longer available.  As a company that uses an image to display our company logo, address and tagline in our e-signatures its is extremely frustrating to not be able to insert an image in our Automatic Replies when our staff are on vacation and want to create an Out of Office message.  I have troubleshot this issue with Microsoft support and was given instruction to use a rule as a work around however this is NOT a good recommendation to what we believe is a HUGE problem since using a rule will send out of office notifications to every single email and not just one email to each sender as is done with notifications when using Automatic Replies.  Please take note that we were previously able to insert images in automatic replies and now its gone!  Not sure why Microsoft allows you to insert an image when creating an e-signature and even allows you to insert an image in Rules but not in Automatic Replies.  Please review and consider bringing back insert image into Automatic Replies!  


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Sonja Cicchetti

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Hi @Sonja_Cicchetti,


in fact Outlook doesn't provide a button to insert an image to auto reply, but you can do that manually, using cut & paste. I've just tested it:






@Victor Ivanidze I am aware that there is no button to insert an image to auto reply, and that you can manually insert using cut and paste but after you've saved and exited, go back in and you will see the image will not be there!  They do not allow it to stick.

Hi @Sonja_Cicchetti,


my bad - I did not make sure the image doesn't remain there after inserting.

Try a possible  workaround:

@Victor Ivanidze again I am aware of this and have implemented it but don't think this is a suitable work around since now the disadvantage is that this will reply to every message you receive!  This is not very professional in my opinion, imagine all the out of office notifications once would receive when multiple persons are on an email thread and staff and clients are replying back and forth.  This is why I think Microsoft should really consider fixing this PROBLEM!  

Hi @Sonja_Cicchetti,


you can append an image (your logo) to any auto reply message using this Exchange online mail flow rule (transport rule):



@Victor Ivanidze I have to thank you!!!  That worked!  Had to work through it a bit with some Microsoft support but got it working!  Now, just need to finesse image sizing so that image sizing is appropriate for email signatures.  Many thanks :)  

Hi @Sonja_Cicchetti,


glad to help. Contact me if you wish to create any custom solution for Outlook/Exchange/Power Automate. 

@Victor Ivanidze hey ! Sorry I'm facing the same problem.

Could you explain further? 


Thank you !


Hi @trojanscollective,


explain what? What's unclear for you in my answer? 

@Victor Ivanidze Can you specify what steps I have to follow in order to reach the mail flow rule page?

Hi @hhoang1 , sorry but no I can't, as I just can't believe you unable to google for "Exchange mail flow rules".

@Victor Ivanidze Well, I Googled it, but can’t make sense of it. Still no chance of your helping out a couple of luddites?

Hi @Bob_McK


well, no problem - each luddite has a chance  in case they are ready to pay  for consulting ;)

Powershell lets you edit the HTML.  Use an escape back tick (`) thanks to Chamele0n's post:



Hi @JeffkofMNv2,

where can I read about this 'escape back tick'?  The link you have provided says nothing about that  ;(


Escape back tick and the Codetwo link powershell solution worked for embedding some html with double quotes linking img src. Here is a description of the escape tick.

Hi @JeffkofMNv2.

thanks for your explanation, but can you confirm that this approach is suitable to insert an image? 

Did you try to insert images this way?

Yes my autoreply is working with images inserted using html img src.

The method i used is hosting the images for my autoreply on a website and using html tags to pull them into the message <img src and using the escape-tick to use double quotes in the email. You could use single quotes and not need the escape-tick. Or you can attach the inline image into the email using this post which i did not try:

@Victor Ivanidze 

So you want help/advice but don't want to provide it back? 


Anyway, for what it's worth people I managed to place a picture in my autoresponse message simply by first placing it in my email sig, then copying and pasting the content of that sig into the autoresponder section.