Automatic archive treated by exchange account on Outlook 2021

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With outlook 2021 who to set up automatic archive different by exchange account ?

any idea ?

Thank you


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Hi @Plansberg,

1. Navigate to the File tab and choose Options.
2. Click on Advanced and then select AutoArchive Settings.
3. In the AutoArchive box, check the box for Run AutoArchive every and specify how frequently you want it to run.

Keep in mind that AutoArchive is designed to manage mailbox or server space by automatically relocating items to an archive file, typically an Outlook Data File (.pst) created at C:\\Users\\YourUserName\\Documents\\Outlook Files\\archive.pst.

It's important to note that if you have multiple Exchange accounts in your Outlook profile and configure AutoArchive for one account, those settings will be applied to all other Exchange accounts automatically.

If you prefer individual archive files per mail account, you'll need to disable AutoArchive and configure each desired Outlook folder manually with the appropriate "Archive this folder using..." settings, triggering the Archive action as needed.
AutoArchive settings explained - Microsoft Support
Managing AutoArchive in Outlook with multiple email accounts - Microsoft Community

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