Automate appointment/task creation

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My job is centered around a task which has to happen at a specific date. In order to make sure that it will happen I need to take a few other steps at predetermined times beforehand (T-10, T-30, T-60 situation). Is there a way in Outlook to enter the appointment/task for the main event and automatically create the rest of the appointments/tasks associated with it? Can I script it? I would prefer to stick with the software that I already have available, but if it cannot do the job, is there a different software better suited for the task?

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Hi @Alex-Arapov 


Off the top of my head, nothing stands out, but if you are looking to do this using a Office 365 mailbox you may be able to leverage Power Automate set this up - the appropriate licence may be included in your Office 365 subscription (if you have one.)

Hi @HidMov, you are right, we have access to Power Automate. Looks very promising at a glance, I will have to dig deeper into the best way to make it work. Thanks!