Auto-forwarding an external address to O365. Can I change the Reply-to for just those messages?

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One of the organizations I work with uses a pretty basic IMAP email. They also change email addresses somewhat frequently (like every year or two).  I'd like to forward this email to my O365 account, mostly so I can take advantage of the features of O365 (better calendar and contact integration, using add-ons in Outlook, even the daily Cortana briefing) and also to make transitioning to new email easier (all emails would already be saved in O365. 


The org allows forwarding to personal email accounts, so that's not an issue, my only problem is I can't figure out how to setup a rule or some other system so when I reply to an email that has been forwarded from the work account, the reply-to address matches.  I can manually change it each time, but I'm hoping for something automatic.  Is this possible?  I'm also open to other suggestions for how I should try to manage email for this account.  I'm using Outlook 2016 primarily, as well as OWA and Outlook for Android.

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Hi @mlaps, you have to create a VBA script or an add-in for Outlook go get what you want. 

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Thanks for the reply.  I don't suppose you are aware of any add-in that already exists for this?  I wasn't able to find anything with a search of the store, but will keep looking.  It's been probably 10 years time since I did anything with VBA, but can also research to see if I can figure out how to build a script that would work.  I think that would only help for using desktop Outlook though.  Any solution that would work across desktop, mobile, and OWA?


Any other suggestions for how I should handle this account?  Once again, my goals are to 1) leverage Office 365 features for this account (which is my most active email account), 2) Make sure I preserve a record of incoming and sent items for this account, even after the account is shut down, 3) minimize the number of accounts I have to actively manage in Outlook (currently have 6 active accounts in Outlook, which is difficult to keep track of on a small laptop screen.)  Appreciate any thoughts on better ways to handle.

Hi @mlaps, could you please explain this: 


>2) Make sure I preserve a record of incoming and sent items for this account, even after the account is shut down\


Do you mean you want to send as this forwarded account from your Office 365?

In other words - do you need to change the "Reply-To:" SMTP header or the "From:" header?

@Victor Ivanidze I hadn't thought about that, honestly.  Ideally, I'd like to retain a record of the emails that are sent for the IMAP account in my Office 365 sent folder (or possibly a separate O365 folder). 


Again ideally, from the recipient point of view it would be great if it was invisible to them that I was sending from my O365 account and not the IMAP account, but if they see my O365 email address in the From field, that's not a total deal breaker.

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Hi @mlaps, understood. Well I doubt that there exists a ready-to-go add-in that fits your requirements.

Just hire someone to develop an add-in for Outlook. 

@Victor Ivanidze Thank you.  I will look into hiring someone to develop a solution for Outlook.