Auto Conversion to Hyperlinks in Outlook.exe but not in'
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Ran into an interesting issue we have departments that connect to a LOT of Zoom meetings that are sent from contacts external to our domain (both local and Azure) and these well meaning people are pasting in the text only information for the zoom meeting i.e. ALL PLAIN TEXT


We were originally just working in the web outlook at and the emails consistently come in just plain text. Even if I send something simple the it comes in as plain text.




Over in the full desktop Outlook 365 the exact same emails open and ALL the plain text that should be hyperlinks have been converted and are clickable as soon as the email is open.


I understand outlook.exe has been around the block a few times so I'm not surprised it has little QOL things like this, but is there an equivalent option in ? are there plans for one, because frankly trying to get already barely competent end users to work around other incompetent external users sending properly formatted emails while trying to convince them to shift to using Web over the desktop Outlook is leaving us a bit black and blue from the user feedback 

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