Auto-Complete partial failure - could issue be normal.dotm in Word ??

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At work, my Outlook 2016 32-bit [on my Win 10 Pro 64-bit (v 1903)] has problems, and my IT team says they might stem from my custom Normal.dotm I have in Word.


In Outlook, my Auto-Complete stopped working - when I start typing names in To or cc, Outlook does not complete them as it used to do. However, it WILL send emails with my typed partial names if they start out correctly - it just won’t show me the Auto-Complete.


If I start Outlook with Win+R as outlook.exe /safe, Auto-Complete works normally, but I can no longer double-click on a From or To name in a received email and see the underlying address, etc.


My IT guys - whom I torture enough - think my custom Normal.dotm in Word might be the culprit. Its genesis is Word 2003 from another firm, and I have a lot of customizations in it. Yes, the original from Word 2003 was “Converted” to be usable in Word 2016 as Normal.dotm. FYI - yesterday, I hid my Normal.dotm, reinstated the default Normal.dotm and rebooted, but Outlook still had the problems I am describing.


One more clue - whenever I close (exit) Word, Excel or Outlook, its process continues to run in Task Manager. The process(es) won’t stop unless I “End” them manually or reboot.


Yes, I have tried all the basic things to fix the Auto-Complete issue, like turning it off and on in Options and even clearing it. (But I am on Exchange.)


Why do you think I am having this Auto-Complete problem in Outlook, and how to fix???


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