Attachments fail (not links) in Outlook for iOS


I am unable to attach/send a file from my OneDrive for Business site using the Outlook for iOS app.  The file type does not matter, I have tested with docx and xlsx.  I receive the error message shown below and the message goes to my drafts folder.  For some of the files I do not even get the attach option, insert OneDrive for Business Link is the only option.  Inserting a link to the file works without issue.  I can open the OneDrive app on my iOS device and choose send file, copy to Outlook and the file will send without issue.  Our MDM application is not set to restrict this behavior.  Any ideas why the attachment fails from Outlook for iOS?

iOS v 11.0.2
Outlook v 2.46.0



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This appears to have been fixed in either iOS 11.0.3 or Outlook 2.47.0 as I cannot replicate the issue any longer.