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Currently there are 2 assistants in the office that receive general emails (not sent as tasks) from other workers asking them to take care of something. When both assistants receive the email, assistant 1 will either take care of the task or assign it to assistant 2. However if assistant 1 decides to perform the task requested, then assistant 2 doesn't know if it just simply wasn't assigned at all or is being taken care of by assistant 1.

Is there a better way to handle this other than Outlook or does Outlook have features to help with this that I am just unaware of?

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@mickiscott74 Happy Workday to you.

If you are using Outlook Online/OFC365, here is a summary of the process of assigning tasks.  I will provide you the links to the detailed steps. 

  • Create a shared task list using MS TO DO
  • Drag a message from Outlook to create a task in My Day
    • Make sure you drag it to the shared task list
    • You can open the task in full screen to complete additional fields like: remind me, due date, assign to
    • You will have the ability to filter on completed, assigned to items, and more

Microsoft Resource: Use Tasks in Outlook on the Web

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