Ask to move sent email to folder after send and mark as read

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I keep my sent emails archived in some project-specific folders together 

I'm trying to create a rule to copy (or move) the emails I send to a folder.

I have created a simple rule that copies all my sent emails to the inbox. However this has two issues:
- I can't choose where the email is moved. If I want to archive it, I need to manually move it (either by drag and drop or using the "Move" button) to the correct folder every time

- The email is marked as unread


Ideally, I'd like some sort of popup that lets me choose in which folder I want to archive the email every time I click "Send". And of course it marks it as "read" (considering I'm the one who wrote it).


Is there any way to do so? If not natively, maybe a plugin?



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I implemented the VBA solution that they proposed. It worked like a charm the first time, then it stopped working. The code was literaly copy-pasted from the link you provided.

I'm afraid there isn't much more information I can provide. When I send an email, nothing happens. I also tried to set a breakpoint to debug it, but nothing happend as well.

Is there a way to fix this?

If you are ready to pay, I'll create an add-in for Outlook that will do the same as VB script you've tried.