AOL mail is not loading into my Desktop Outlook. I am not getting any error.

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AOL mail in not loading email into my Desktop Outlook client. I see the AOL mails in my Windows mail.

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I have the same problem. Stopped working last week.
Yahoo and AOL require an app password to add the account to Outlook, even if you don't have their extra security features enabled.

To generate an app password to use in place of your "real" password:

Log into your account security settings in Yahoo or AOL and click on Manage app passwords.

Select your app from the list and click Generate. (Choosing the app is to make it easier to delete (revoke) a specific password if you need to later. You can use the app password in any application.)

Copy the password and paste it into Outlook’s password dialog. If you type it in, don’t include the spaces, they just make the password easier to read.

To change the password in Outlook 2016 and newer, use the File > Account Settings > Server settings menu.