Any way to make Outlook Calendar invitations look right to Gmail/Google Calendar users?

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I use Outlook 2016/Exchange at work. Whenever I send a calendar invite to my family members on Gmail/Apple devices, the format is very confusing to them -- it looks like a full email with a signature block followed by an ICS attachment that they need to double click to get the invite and then open in the Apple (or Google) Calendar application. The whole workflow is very clunky and non-obvious to non-technical users. 


This use case - an Outlook/Exchange user sending a calendar invite to an Apple/Gmail user - must be extremely common. Yet as best I can tell there is no way to make the Outlook calendar invite look like a Gmail calendar invite to the recipient. The best workaround I've found is to create these events on my own Gmail account and then import them into Outlook, so the recipients see invitations that look normal to them.


Is there really no more elegant solution to this extremely common use case?

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