Announcement: Outlook for iOS and Android is now fully powered by the Microsoft Cloud

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Microsoft is thrilled to announce that Outlook for iOS and Android is now powered by the Microsoft Cloud for Office 365 commercial users! This means that all your data is now fully delivered through Microsoft services that provide a strong commitment to security, privacy and compliance. There has never been a better time to make your move to Outlook and join the 42-million active users already enjoying the only mobile email and calendar app designed to work with the best features of Office 365.


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@Allen Filush - Just connected with @Jeff Medford who pointed me to you. I'm having major issues using outlook on android with 3x 365 accounts calander has not worked for 3 months. Been working with support but no luck.

uhm... I have big problems with Outlook for IOS from more than 1 week and the support now doesn't answer me.

The problem is the sincronization of the messages.

In the first days told me that I can't use more than 2 account of the same tenants in the APP!!!

I need to use 4 accounts. That's not logic.

So, I have deleted two of them (check those account via Apple Mail without problems) and the first two with Outlook for IOS but always with the sync problems.

I have created a test account in the tenant for the support, but now they no answer me... 

I have sollecited an answer but no words...

I am suprise for this situation. Now I have to delete the APP and use the Apple Mail, the problem is OneDrive, I can't access to OneDrive to attach documents to a message.
I have tried to opena a ticket in my tenant but the system dosn't accept tickets for Outlook for IOS, I must use the support via iPhone.... No words for this situation!



with the latest update it is now working. Calendar items are slow to be seen when added newly but it's functioning. Keep the progress coming

uhm... that's the opposite, with the new version, new platform, I have problems.

Before the change that's all OK for me :)


Moved back to Android's stock Email app after nearly a year of struggle with Outlook. It wont sync my contacts and one major issue was I couldn't sync my folders other than Inbox and Sent Items. Pretty lame for app of this age!