Animated Gifs Not Always working

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Using Office365 (Outlook 365 1908 version). Not all animated gifs work as expected. I can grab an image from Google Images and paste it is an email, I can search using the Online Image option; however an animate gif that was created internally and inserted will not play. One has to open the email in the browser. 


So I was wondering, if there are different formats of an animated gif or something our graphic designer needs to do with the file for Outlook to render the image as an animation.  I did notice what was a bit odd, I can go to my sent items and see the animated gif working there but the receiver has to render the email in the browser. We are all using the same version internally of Outlook.  Outlook for the Web renders the animated gif as well.   I know animated gifs were added in 1901. Again, I was able to grab one from Google Images and the Online Image store in Outlook and they both worked.  Thanks. 


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