Allow students to VIEW Group Calendar

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I have all students joined as members in a Teams Group called Community.

I created events in the Group Calendar in Outlook. The students view the events in Teams. But when the students access the Group Calendar in Outlook, they are allowed to edit the events.

I need a calendar that allows them to view the events in Teams and also a full month view mode that allows then to view the events like in Outlook but without having the permission to edit the events.


I tried Publishing the Group Calendar to have a view only mode using the link, but couldn't do it with a Group Calendar. 

Any suggestions on a work around to allow them to view the events in their Teams Calendar but also in Outlook without having edit capabilities? 

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That's by design, Groups/Teams come with "equal access" for all. You can try toggling the -CalendarMemberReadOnly flag via PowerShell:


Set-UnifiedGroup blabla -CalendarMemberReadOnly