All Group Calendar Group Missing

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I have got Office 2019 pro and ALL Group Calendar group is missing. Other users who have Office 2019 Small business can see ALL Group Calendar. Is there a reason why the group is missing from the outlook on office 2019? Is there anything I could do to show All Group Calendar?

All group.jpgWithout Group.png

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Are you actually added to any Microsoft 365 group? This functionality is only available when you are member of such groups. In addition, you Outlook profile needs to be configured in cached mode.

@VasilMichev  The user is member of Office 365 group and Microsoft Teams group as well. The outlook is configured to use Cached mode. This behavior I have only noticed in Office 2019 Pro version, I may be wrong.

Teams-enabled Groups are "hidden" by default, so that's expected. See if "normal" Groups appear, also check in the webmail (OWA).