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Greetings all,


A few weeks ago (perhaps months, actually), 365 updated and I found that my Address book - with >3,000 contacts - had vanished from the Laptop version of Outlook. Fortunately I save them every-so-often and transfer them to Google but that's not the point.


It was only when I was in Outlook 365, i.e. webmail, I found I have a number of folders within "Contacts". Under deleted there are quite a few contacts which I personally did not delete. The only way to restore them is one at a time - which is ridiculous because it won't let me select all and restore them all at once.


Secondly - again in Outlook 365 (webmail), I have a "Suggested Contacts" folder - when before a recent update, I had no such thing. The good news is, all my >3,000 contacts are there. But, again, if I select all contacts, it won't let me restore or move. The software ONLY lets me move one contact at time. I made a new backup, just in case.


Question: Can someone please help me transfer all these contacts from "Suggested Contacts" to "Contacts" within 365 (webmail) or import them to my laptop version of Outlook. I tried the latter last night and couldn't import the .csv file.

Cheers, Ab

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