Adding GoDaddy account to Outlook on new Android phone

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Got my new Samsung Galaxy S24+ today. Went to set up my GoDaddy account on Outlook and it won't progress to asking for a password. You enter the email account email address removed for privacy reasons and it asks whether it is Work or School or Home. I fyou select the former you get error 2400 and if you select the latter you get error 2002. Additional text for the latter (which ios the correct option) is:


Correlation Id: 154acd32-23d4-4f97-90ea-448f5fa28094
Timestamp: 2024-02-27T05:30:58.000Z
DPTI: b9bd362bbdb67456
Error Tag: 9hehw
Error Code: 0


Can log into the account on GoDaddy via a web browser on Mac and Outlook fires up and runs OK.

Can log in to Outlook on my previous Android phone and it works fine.



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@AndreSnoxall    I have the very same problem with a new Android phone I bought the other day (in my case a Motorola Edge).  Very frustrating.  It worked fine on my old Motorola Edge, but I can't get my e-mail running on the new one...same error messages as yours.