Adding email accounts to Outlook

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Last week I created two accounts. I have two problems:-

1. On a brand new laptop both accounts were added to Outlook. One account works perfectly, the other will receive e-mail but not send. I have spent over an hour with MS Support with no resolution.

2. On my existing Desktop Computer neither account will add to Outlook. Likewise, have spent over 2 hours with MS Support with no resolution.

Tried using 'Help' but there is no 'Search' facility in the Help panel as is described in the web page for support.

At my wits end, any help gratefully received.

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Following.  I'm having a similar issue.  New laptop, I have a Hotmail account and a Live account, On my old laptop they were linked. Now only the Hotmail account receives mail.

Like you I've tried a variety of ways to solve the issue.

I'm about ready to switch to Gmail.

I hope someone replies with an answer.

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I've discovered, somewhat belatedly, that in order to add an Outlook email address to Desktop Outlook you must be logged into the account you are trying to add. I assume this is because the Outlook interface no longer asks for the account password it 'gets' the password from the logged in account. All very confusing !!

VERY important that you retain the password used when the Outlook email account is created. This 'solution' was not provided by two MS Technicians yesterday who didn't understand that the 'password' could no longer be entered via the 'Add Account' interface. WHY oh WHY do they change things like this ??

Thank you for the update. I'm not sure I remember or have to original password from 12-15 years ago. So I guess I'm out of luck. I totally agree with your comment about MS feeling they have to "improve" something which works fine. Making it harder to use.
I'll switch to using my Gmail account. I'm done with MS.