Add public holidays Outlook Calendar

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Hi All,

I have been looking for options to add Public Holidays in user's Calendar and block any invites coming in for that day and cancel any recurring instance of meetings for those days. I see we have an option to create a shared calendar and then sharing it with entire Organization, but that will be helpful for associates to see the holidays and wont help cancel any meetings or rejecting invites. 
All our mailboxes are hosted in Office365, not sure whether this will help or not, just adding it as fyi.

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Well, I tried creating a Teams channel and created a day long event on thatm then added that calendar onto Outlook..... Lovely, i was able to see the event in my calendar. This will come very close to what we are looking for. But, i would like to automate the piece of adding the calendar onto Outlook, would Power platform help to achieve this or anything which will be smoother?
Hi All,
I am still looking for a solution to add the holidays, Teams is just one close probability, but any better solution, yes i am looking for to hear about it.