add office 365 account seems to fallback to Exchange Outlook Windows

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I develop a Outlook addin and for testing purposes I need to add an Office 365 account into my Windows Outlook (version 2101, Build 13628.20274 Click-to-Run).



1 - If already present, remove it

2 - File -> Add Account

3 - Enter Under "Advanced options" check the "Let me setup my account manually" box

4 - Choose Microsoft 365

5 - Step "Exchange Account Settings", click on next without touching something

6 - Click on Done

7 - File -> choose account Account is labeled with Microsoft Exchange (shouldn't it be Office 365 ?)



Then when I try to execute something in my addin (getAccessToken), I obtain the following error:

User Type not supported. The user isn't signed into Office with a valid Microsoft account or Microsoft 365 Education or work account.


However on my Mac Outlook version 16.45 (21011103) with the same steps, my account is labeled with Office 365 and addin works perfectly.


Moreover my addin works as desired in thus I conclude that my addin is flawless.


Thanks for your help.



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