Add Multiple Calender in Outlook (Dynamic Userset)

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is there any option to add mutliple calenders in outlook which depending for example on a dynamic Azure AD Group?
The Idea is to add the Calenders of a complete team or project (members) with some click to outlook and not all of them one by one. Import ist the dynamic Part behind so when users come to teams or into a project the Calender should be updated automatically or if not possible manual on a central location.

If there are workarounds in the browser or things like that as plan B recommendations would we helpful.




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You can create a O365 Unified Group for the team.
The Group Calendar is visible to all the members in Outlook and OWA
thx for your response do a repro with your information.
A unified group is now a M365 Group right?
But if i add this only the calender of the group is added NOT as requested the Calenders of the Group Members...

If the members of the project are reporting to the same manager their is an option in Outlook. The calendars of all the members of the Team will show up in users Outlook. However, I understand that your requirement is different here and we don't have an option to add the calendars of group members. User will have to add them one by one by expanding the DL