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Hello, I'm new to Teams and Outlook.


I started a Staff Team with the idea of using it to share general information with the staff, such as announcements, holidays, vacation calendars, files from staff meetings, etc. I created some channels for project-specific groups we work in like Admin and DEI. 


When I add an item to the Teams calendar, it shows up in Outlook as one of my personal meetings/events. That is fine, but I would like to be able to add meetings/events to the Teams calendar from Outlook. It doesn't seem possible because the Teams calendar does not show up in the list of available calendars the way shared calendars do. I guess I figured a Teams calendar was a form of shared calendar. 


It there a way to work in a Teams calendar through Outlook or is there another method I should be using to create a staff calendar. 


Teams and Groups seem almost identical, so I assumed Teams was the future and Groups was a vestige that MS was keeping around for people refusing to adopt Teams. Should I be using Groups instead? 


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It's important to first understand how the teams calendar syncs with the outlook calendar. Both teams and outlook use add-ins to sync their calendar events. So in your scenario, you should ensure the teams add-in is properly installed in your outlook app. To do that, check the status of the add-in in your outlook app as illustrated in the documentation below:


Also, have you ever been able to sync outlook calendar events to your teams calendar? Or did it stop working recently?


While it is recommended to keep your apps updated, you might want to check whether the issue is affecting your teams web client version. So check that when you add an event to your outlook calendar from the web/browser, the event shows up in your teams web client too.


I help that helps.

@KingsleyU Thank you for your help!