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Hello there,


I have done the set-up of a new Outlook profile to use my working email on Outlook (my company has just bought a Microsoft 365 apps for Enterprise). I have used google workspace sync to importa calendars etc from my google suite and everything works exception made for add-ins.

The add-in button is greyed out and I can not install the meet add-in. Funny thing is that add-ins are enabled in the other personal outlook profile (when I start Outlook it asks me which profile I want to open).

I have already checked the privacy settings and I have updated my version but nothing changed.

Any idea on how to solve this?




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Do you see the "Add-ins" button in OWA?
It might be that feature is just disabled by your Office 365 admin. Contact them and check.

@Victor Ivanidze 


Yes, I see the add-in that I need installed on web version of outlook. Could it be linked to the fact that I used google sync to synchronize the gmail mail on outlook ? THe account type is MAPI