Add fields under Outlook's Overview/Contacts

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Hello Team,


In Outlook application, when you search/look for another user within the same organization, you'll be able to see the information here even if they are not under your Contacts.

I just want to ask if anyone here have answers to these questions?

Under Overview tab where we can see Email, Office location, Company attributes.
1. Where does this information based from? AAD?
2. Is it possible to add fields here, like Last Name?




Your answers/ideas are all appreciated. Thank you in advance!


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Yes, it's from AAD. And yes, you can modify it. The recommended method would be this:
Perfect answer. So to clarify, this is only possible through GraphAPI, is that correct? Thank you!
No, that's the "new" method, and the one that will be supported across all services, eventually. If you only care about Outlook, you can also use the "old" method (basically play with the registry):