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I am trying to add a webmail address to my Outlook application on Windows. I correctly select the IMAP configuration, I enter the correct addresses of the sending and receiving servers. But the connection is not working. The problem stems from the fact that Outlook tries to connect using the e-mail address as an identifier, whereas it would be necessary to use a proper identifier in this firstname.lastname format. I did however manage to add it to the mobile application.

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Which version of Outlook are you using?

Note that when you are prompted for your credentials, you can actually edit the username from the email address to the actual username.

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Hello, thank you for your message

I put my Outlook version in the attachment section

I just don't understand where can I edit the username like you explained it, there isn't any option in the configuration panel and in the error panel it keep redirecting me to the configuration panel or the first panel where I insert my email, and I can't enter anything else than an email.