Add a "Mark as unread" button (like Gmail) save TONS of clicks

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Please MS, can you add a "Mark as unread" button that displays inside of an opened email that when clicked, automatically brings you back to the inbox, instead of me having to click the "read/unread" button and then click Inbox every time. This would be a 50% time saver.


Screen Shot 2023-03-07 at 1.33.59 PM.png

I frequently open messages to quickly view, but then mark as unread to come back later (after deciding what to prioritize). Yes, I know I can change the default read/unread settings, but this feature I'm requesting is still necessary.



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in an open email, click the 3 dots (upper right of the email) and select Mark as Unread

I know it's not the same as Google, but does that work for you?




thanx, but that does the same thing as the Read/Unread button that I already have at the top of email. It doesn't take me back to inbox when I click it. So, that would just add yet another step.

I looked under the custom options and don't immediately see a way to create my own button for this option.