Add a quick button with hyperlink to Outlook ribbon?

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Looking for a way to add a quick button, containing a hyperlink, to the Outlook ribbon.  Seems that this used to be a pretty easy thing to do in older versions of Outlook but now that we're running Outlook 2016 it seems there has to be macros involved to do this.  Is that right?  And if so, does anyone have the exact steps to make this happen?


Thanks in advance.

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But what would the visual basic code look like to launch a hyperlink?
Just google for that.
I am trying to do the same thing with no luck, and yes, I did 'google' how to create a VBA script to open a hyperlink. Does anyone have a bit more detail than to google?

Hi @kathy_pepe,


could you show your VBA code? What's your exact problem? 

The only thing I can find adds it to an Excel sheet. I would like to make a macro that I can add to a toolbar button in Outlook.

Sub sbCreatingHyperLink()
ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Add Range("A5"), ""

End Sub
In Outlook, you need the url and wscript -

Sub OpenWebpage()
CreateObject("WScript.Shell").Run ("")
End Sub

More information (and macros to open other files with buttons):
Thank you so much! I did have to enable macros but that did work. I had a user who requested this capability.

@kathy_pepe sounds like you made it work. I would love to do it myself but have no experience with Macro. Can you help at all?