Add a personal calendar to Outlook for Android

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A few months ago I used the instructions on adding a personal calendar to Outlook to add my work GSuite account* to my School Office365 account.  At the time it added that calendar to Outlook for Android in addition to the web (but not the desktop).  Within the last couple of weeks though, the GSuite calendar disappeared from Outlook for Android, even though it is still there in the web client.


Is there anything I can do to try to get it back?  It's been invaluable to have a single place where I can aggregate all 4 of my calendars so that I can easily see what my daily agenda is.


*Security settings for the GSuite account prevent it from being added directly to Outlook.


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I contacted support through the app, and they suggested I remove and re-add my school O365 account from the Android app.  I did so, but now the contact support option has disappeared from help.